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ZenBoss Coaching


ZenBoss Coaching



Onboarding Call

Custom Tailored

Nutrition Plan

Get Results WITH Food Freedom

Never go hungry
Eat foods you like

Eat out
Eat at events

Quick Recipes
That Actually Work

Over 1000 recipes Inside

Log Meals Easily

(Restaurant Meals + Homemade Meals)

Coach Can ANALYZE All Logged 

Nutrition & Provide FEEDBACK

Custom Tailored

Workout Plan

Custom plan made to
work with YOUR


Experience Level


Coach will help you find exercises you enjoy




ALL Styles Of Exercise:


• Tabata

• Weight lifting

• Yoga

• Bodyweight  Exercises

• Walking

• Jogging

• Rowing 

Coach Can ANALYZE All Logged 

Workouts & Provide FEEDBACK

Educational Training

By watching our educational series, 

you will know exactly

WHAT you are doing
WHY you are doing it 
HOW you can continue to do it when the day comes
that you don’t need our support anymore. 

Program Support

Dedicated Coach

Daily Accountability Check-ins

Weekly Detailed Check-ins

Self Schedule
Calls At Your Convenience

Psychological Support

Help with core mindset issues
and motivation issues
that way we can focus on
up-leveling all areas of your life.

Weekly Q&A

Group Calls

Get answers to your questions live on calls

Connect with other
ZenBoss Clients on calls


Sustainability Coaching

Maintain your weight and health
by logging onto our group calls
to get advice from coaches.

Smart Scale + Smart Writsband

Full Body Composition Analysis

Weight, muscle mass, bone mass, water weight, fat mass.

Connects With ZenBoss Fitness App

Collect & Analyze Lots Of Data

HRV, Resting heart rate, Sleeping patterns, Calorie burn, Daily step count, etc.

Connects With ZenBoss Fitness App

Habit & Behavioral
Monitoring + Coaching

Custom Habit Analysis

Build & Break Habits

ZenBoss Lifestyle & Health Transformation Program Levels.

ZenBoss Lifestyle & Health 

Transformation Program Levels.

All plans include high-end personalization,
a dedicated one-to-one coach, and VIP support.

90-Day Action Based

Money Back Guarantee

We want you to try the program and see that it works for you without any risk.

With the ZenBoss Lifestyle Transformation Program, we offer you a 90-day action-based money-back guarantee. If it really turns out that with all the coaching and features we provide that it just does not work for you personally, then we will give you your money back.

This is all about helping you and that’s exactly what we plan on doing. I know you will not be disappointed with the results.